Mallee Areas


Popular Mallee areas include the Ngarkat Conservation Park, near Tintinara, and Victoria's Big and Little Desert National Parks.

A $10 Park Entrance Fee has been introduced to Ngarkat Conservation Park and applies to all park visitors. This includes Day visitors and campers.
The entrance fee is in addition to any Camping fees which have been in place for a number of years. (Currently set at $10 at the start of 2016). Refer to National Parks online information.

The 4WD Border Track - the Ngarkat Conservation Park Management Plan stipulates that for public safety, the Border Track (the one-way section) will be closed from the 1st of November till the 31st of March each year. DEH Track closure page.

In addition, issues have arisen over degradation and access and so this track may be temporarily closed at any time due to prevailing conditions, please check with NPWS Lameroo on (08) 8576 3690 (record message if unattended) OR Tintinara on (08) 8757 2261.

The Ngarkat Conservation Park comprises four contiguous reserves totalling approximately 270 000 ha. It however abuts by the Big Desert Wilderness in Victoria of 140 00 ha. This makes the area a significant remnant of the Ninety Mile Desert that once covered 1.5 million hectares. The area is classed as a semi-arid dunefield that has dense Mallee coverage over most of its area. Vegetated East-West dunes cover the area of the Border Track and it is the damage to these as well as areas of clay swales or Bog holes that attract most of the work done by volunteers. Track users often experience difficulty in crossing the dunes and clay swales. Over time, detour tracks have been created around the swales and adjacent to the track crossing the sand dunes.

The  Mallee Bound website provides details of the area and a Ngarkat map. 


Robe / Beachport

Beachport - Nora Creina Map Amendment - New Bypass Track

Commencing in June 2009, with approval from DEH and the Coastal Protection Board, the Wattle Rangers 4WD Club in conjunction with the Millicent Sand Buggy Club have re-opened existing tracks just behind the beach to bypass Buggy Club grounds at Beachport.

These tracks had not been used for many years.

The purpose of this bypass is to eliminate the possibility of 4WD vehicles and sand buggies crossing paths. Sand buggies in their club grounds may travel at speeds in excess of 10Omph.

A large bulldozer contracted by the Buggy Club for work on their tracks was used to re-cut a 200 metre section of overgrown track. Much work was done clearing and pruning over the following few months

You are urged NOT to enter into the buggy club grounds at any time. The new section only affects the track between points 15-21 on the Beachport to Nora Creina track.

Bypass map and original map (1.4mb)

Link to old map at the Wattle Range Council website.

Track users should also be aware that in August and September DEH laid fox baits on the beach within Beachport Conservation Park. This followed a similar successful exercise in Canunda.


This is an important message to all four wheel drivers planning to travel along the South-east coast of South Australia.

For many years this part of Australia's coastline has proven popular for extended 4WD touring, particularly out of both Melbourne and Adelaide. It provides excellent beach driving opportunities and fine camping areas within reasonably easy reach of both States. For Victorian four wheel drivers this area provides the nearest opportunity for sand driving since that State has no accessible beaches and little opportunity for practising sand driving skills.

It is no longer possible to drive the full length of the beach between Beachport and Robe and a detour is necessary between Stinky Bay and Little Dip National Park. Fortunately, a major detour is avoided by being able to access a short private track across Nora Creina property. This track is also used by several holidaymakers who own shacks along the track.

The owners of Nora Creina, the Cullen family, are supportive of recreational four wheel drivers and are pleased to allow access along the short track, which is less than a kilometre long. While Neville Cullen is always happy to have a chat with passers by, he doesn't ask that permission be sought to cross Nora Creina. He would, however, like common courtesy to be displayed by visitors.

Unfortunately, there have, in the past, been several incidents where the hospitality shown by the Cullen family has been abused. Travelling too fast and littering the property have been some of the milder discourtesies encountered. The Cullen family has been verbally abused and four wheel drivers have been found picnicking on the private property of the holiday shack owners.

It is precisely this kind of behaviour that will ultimately exclude four wheel drivers from accessing such property. There are enough people causing us to lose access without us bringing it on ourselves.

If you are planning a trip in the area and wish to cross the Nora Creina property, please remember that, as on any private property, you are a guest of the owner.

Please drive carefully and stay on the marked track. Keep your speed down and stay away from the holiday shacks. Move peacefully across the property, leaving the gates as you find them.

Don't spoil it for others. Access to any private property is a privilege, not a right.

National Four Wheel Drive Council